On Site DOT Physicals

Looking to get the DOT Medical Exam done?

Kerinver can provide it in the comfort of your own

We provide DOT physical examination, conveniently, at your workplace. Operating
under Federal guidelines, we include the following medical assessments: vision, cardiac, hearing, blood pressure, pulse, and urine specimen testing, as required by the Federal Department of Transportation.

Don’t delay your DOT physical exam. With Kerinver it is cost-effective as we only charge $70, and it is fast as it only takes about 20 minutes.

Contact us today for scheduling: 407-483-3598

2 Responses to On Site DOT Physicals

  • I require DOT re-certification, but suffer from severe white coat syndrome giving BP issues. Can you help me in a more relaxed atmosphere?

  • Being able to get a DOT physical examination done on-site sounds pretty nice. If nothing else, it’d be nice to have done at a location that’s more relaxing than having to go somewhere to get it done. I tend to get pretty tense when I’m at medical facilities, so this sounds like it’d be a great alternative.

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